Air-Canada-TMOS, DPLP/Mitigation

The following bulletin #33 speaks to the various mitigation programs in light of the recent lay-off announcement by Air Canada.

In addition to the Deferred Payment Leave Plan (DPLP) provided for in Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) No. 6 of the TMOS Collective Agreement, Air Canada is also offering Special Voluntary Leaves of Absence (SVLOA) and a lackluster retirement incentive they are calling a “Universal Mitigation Program”.

Bulletin No. 033_EN
Bulletin No. 033_FR

To All IAMAW Air Canada Members-TMOS-Finance and Clerical

Bulletin # 32 below will provide an update on the current status pertaining to how Air Canada is treating its employees with respect to not participating in the 12-week extension of the Federal “Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy” program.

The IAM is strongly suggesting that Air Canada needs to step up and maintain a good employer-employee relationship and to show true leadership amid the current Covid-19 pandemic.  To participate is not only good for the employees and their families, but it is also the right thing to do with respect to being the Nation’s flag carrier.  Read the full bulletin, in both official languages here:
Bulletin No. 032_FR Bulletin No. 032_EN

Bulletin No. 032_FR

Agreement between Air Canada-TMOS-Clerical and the Federal Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program

A deal has been struck where employees recently laid off after March 15th will begin to be placed back onto the Air Canada payroll with wages paid under the Federal Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program.  The full details of this recent development are contained in the following bulletins, in English and French.
Bulletin No. 021_EN
Bulletin No. 021_FR

Applying for EI? Read this important update on the process.

Given the confusion over the application process, and members selecting the option “natural disaster” and “group termination” please tell your members that when applying for EI they are not to select the “natural disaster” nor “group termination” option as they’ll be asked for a 16 digit code, which is not being provided. See the email below from Service Canada about why that reference code will not be issued.  

Members will only need to use A00 (A zero zero).  A few members have done it this way and have not had issues applying.


Compte tenu de la confusion entourant le processus de demande, et les membres qui choisissent l’option « catastrophe naturelle » et « cessation d’emploi de groupe », veuillez dire à vos membres qu’ils ne doivent pas sélectionner « catastrophe naturelle » ni « cessation d’emploi de groupe » option, car on leur demandera un code à 16 chiffres, qui n’est pas fourni. Voir le courriel ci-dessous de Service Canada expliquant pourquoi ce code de référence ne sera pas émis.

Les membres n’auront qu’à utiliser A00 (A zero zero) . Quelques membres l’ont fait de cette façon et n’ont pas eu de problèmes à présenter une demande.