It’s a new day and a new look!

You may have noticed that our Local Lodge 714 has a bold new look.  Well at least I hope you think it is bold.

With the assistance and guidance of Frank Saptel, IAM Canada Communications Representative, a few of us budding web-stewards  are learning a whole new format for building web pages and keeping everyone up to date.

So bear with us while we make this transition.

From left to right Jim Heintz LL741, Mike Maskell LL714, Neil Schultz LL608, Rennie Saj LL1953



Machinist Member wins Young Leader of the Year award!

Machinist Member wins Young Leader of the Year award!

Toronto, ON – UFCW Canada National Representative and IAM Local Lodge 1922 member, Zenne May Maceda has received the Young Leader of the Year award at the  augural Gold Balangay Awards, held in Toronto.

Organized by a number of Filipino community groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations, the awards show was established to celebrate Filipino Canadians who have made a positive impact in their community or field of work. It recognized Sister Maceda as the 2017 Young Leader of the Year for her outstanding efforts in promoting social justice and workers’ rights as a labour activist.

“I am incredibly honoured to be a recipient of the Golden Balangay Young Leader of the Year award,” said Sister Maceda. “This award was given to me in recognition of the work that I do as a young labour advocate, so I know it isn’t only for me. It is for all my friends, family, and colleagues who have committed themselves to fighting for working people in Canada and in the Philippines.”